Our Tibb Healthy Living course has been especially designed to empower you to take responsibility for your health through an in-depth understanding of the Tibb Philosophy.

If you :
  • Want to reach optimum health for you and your family
  • Are determined to take control of your or your family’s well-being
  • Are inclined toward a holistic approach to health

Then this e-learning course is for you.

Course Overview

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The Institute’s Healthy Living program provides participants with easy to understand insight into the Tibb philosophical principles as defined by the founders of medicine Hippocrates, Galen and Ibn Sina. These insights will empower you with a comprehensive understanding of health promotion and the management of illness conditions using Tibb’s unique Six Lifestyle Factors.

Upon completion of the modules, participants will have access to a personalised interview with a Tibb doctor. This will enable you to better understand the Doctor’s approach to your Individualized Lifestyle Programme, which will be tailor made to your unique temperament, age, and specific health concerns.

Our commitment to optimising health education is in keeping with Ibn Sina’s philosophy that”

“Tibb is a branch of knowledge that deals with the states of health and disease in the human body for the purpose of adopting suitable measures for the preservation and/or restoration of health.”

It is important to note that Tibb considers Lifestyle Factors to be the cause of both health and disease. If well managed, health will be maintained and if not, disease will result. Therefore, in both health promotion as well as illness management, Tibb Lifestyle Factors will most certainly ensure a better Quality of Life.

The main outcome of the course is to know thyself to stay healthy and heal thyself when ill.

The video below describes Prof Bhikha’s journey to Tibb, which we hope may inspire you to learn about Tibb and improve your health and wellbeing with an improved Quality of Life.