“You should only pay your doctor when you are well and not when you are ill”.

The wisdom behind this ancient Chinese saying is one of the key focus areas of the Ibn Sina Institute’s Healthy Living program. We are committed to empowering individuals to stay healthy and well.

Course Outcomes

  1. Overview of the History and Philosophy of Tibb, as well as the Tibb principles of Creation, Qualities, Physis, Temperament, Humours, Lifestyle Factors, How Illnesses Develop and Treatment applied.
  2. An understanding of the above principles and how these can be implemented in health promotion and illness management.
  3. The ability to identify your dominant/sub-dominant temperamental combination and associated qualities.
  4. Understanding of the Six Lifestyle Factors of Tibb, and how their management is crucial to promoting good health and preventing illnesses.
  5. Understanding of how illnesses occur, the qualities associated with different illnesses, and their management using the Six Tibb Lifestyle Factors.
  6. The ability to participate in the designing of a Personalized Lifestyle Programme based on the Tibb Six Lifestyle Factors in Health Promotion or Illness Management.
  7. Upon completion of the course, a consultation with a registered Tibb doctor, to advise and assist with any queries on the development of your tailor-made Personalized Lifestyle Programme.

Course Content

The history of medicine is as old as the history of man, with Tibb documented for close to five thousand years. This module explains the evolution and progression of the Tibb Philosophy through centuries over different historic periods, the changes to holistic medicine with the advent of the germ theory and the potential of Tibb to address the global challenges facing healthcare today.

The philosophical principles of medicine practiced by Hippocrates, Galen and Ibn Sina form the basis of the total system of healthcare that is Tibb. This module highlights Tibb as a branch of knowledge that deals with the states of health and disease in the human body for the purposes of adopting suitable measures to preserve or restore health based on the temperamental and humoral theories; and also highlights, that despite the differences between Tibb and Western Medicine, the common heritage to the founders of medicine, allows for a successful partnership between the two in integrative medicine.

Everything in the universe, from the smallest to the largest in creation, constitutes the four elements with qualities of heat, cold, moistness and dryness. The result of this is that each and everything created has an overall quality called ‘temperament’. This module describes the relationship between the universe (macrocosm) and the human being (microcosm) and how every tissue and organ in the human body has been created with a perfect structure, an ideal temperament in order to perform a specific function.

The effect of the qualities relating to the four elements; heat, cold, moistness and dryness, on human beings, as well as on all living organisms, is an important consideration in the philosophy of Tibb. This module explains how these qualities provide the basis of interpreting health promotion, causes of disease, how diseases develop, diagnosis, and treatment in Tibb.

Physis can be likened to having our own personal doctor living inside of us with an inherent wisdom of self-healing. This module clarifies this principle of physis, how it works at different levels in the human body and its importance as described by Hippocrates – ‘vis medicatrix Natura’ meaning ‘the ability of the body to heal itself’.

The concept of temperament is one of the fundamental and unrivalled features of Tibb. This module describes how to identify your unique temperament to optimize your wellbeing, how an individual’s temperament is a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes – highlighting the holistic approach of the Tibb philosophy and how knowledge of your temperament will provide you with insights to predispositions to specific illness conditions, while empowering you to improve your health and live a better, more productive life.

The humoral theory was hypothesized by Hippocrates 2500 years ago covering all aspects of health and disease from prevention, the causes of disease, how diseases progress, diagnosis, and treatment. This module explains this key principle of Tibb; how every level of organization within the body is infused by and interconnected with humours and its significant role in maintaining the ideal qualitative state of an individual’s temperament for optimum health.

The Six Tibb Lifestyle Factors are ultimately the cause of both health and disease. This module highlights each of these factors; Air & Breathing, Food & Drink, Sleep & Wakefulness, Rest & Movement, Emotions & Elimination and how they – together with the Tibb Principles of Physis, Temperament and Humours – are applied in effectively managing lifestyle, specific to each temperamental type, to maintain homeostasis and one’s well-being.

Tibb recognizes that illnesses do not just develop but are the result of identifiable cause/s. This module clarifies how the Tibb Principles of Physis, Temperament, Humours, and Lifestyle Factors work together to provide a comprehensive understanding of the cause/s of an illness as well as the pathological processes that result in the disruption of homeostasis which lead to the development of disease.

Treatment in Tibb consist of many tried and tested options to restore homeostasis in the body. Together with an understanding of the Tibb Principles and the processes that may lead to illnesses; this module explains how this homeostasis is achieved through the combination of the application of Lifestyle Factors, eliminative therapies, and pharmacotherapy.

Tibb places great importance on health promotion within the context of an individual’s specific temperamental combination. This module highlights how the implementation of the Tibb Personalized Lifestyle Programme in Health Promotion assists in achieving one’s optimal health and additionally, delay the onset of predisposed chronic illness condition/s.

Whilst treatment in Tibb includes the use of natural or herbal medication and eliminating toxins, this module focuses on the implementation of the Tibb Personalized Lifestyle Programme for Illness Management, based on an individual’s temperament, age, and pre-diagnosed illness condition/s, for better illness management with an improved Quality of Life.

Structure of Modules

All twelve modules include videos and outcomes, a PDF of the contents, needs to be downloaded to facilitate completion of the quizzes. Completing the first ten (10) modules ensures a comprehensive understanding of the Tibb principles in the development of the Personalized Lifestyle Programmes – be it for Health Promotion (for healthy individuals) or for Illness Management (for individuals with chronic conditions).

Module 11, for healthy individuals, includes eight (8) Personalized Lifestyle Programmes – Health Promotion, based on the Tibb Lifestyle Factors. One of these programmes in relation to your temperamental combination, needs to be identified and reviewed in consultation with a Tibb doctor.

Module 12, for individuals with pre-diagnosed chronic conditions, developing your Personalized Lifestyle Programme – Illness Management, based on the Tibb Lifestyle Factors, will be completed in consultation with a Tibb doctor.

Consultation with a Tibb doctor

To arrange for a consultation with a Tibb doctor after completing all the modules, email for an appointment



Short assessments in the form of a quiz are required for completion at the end of each module. The required pass rate is no less than 75% per module, with only three opportunities to complete the quiz. Also, upon completion of the quiz, and having not achieved the pass mark, click Review Questions to ascertain which questions were not answered correctly.

Course Duration

Although it is possible to complete all twelve (12) modules within a minimum period of twenty hours, participants you will be given a maximum of four (4) months to complete modules 4 to 12 upon registration.

Registration and Cost

In keeping with the objective of empowering individuals in health promotion and illness management, module 1 to 3 are free upon registration. Payment of R450.00 (Approx. $30.00) will be required to continue with the rest of the course, including a personal consultation with a registered Tibb doctor who will tailor make your lifestyle program to suit your individual needs, be it for health promotion or illness management.


A Certificate of Completion from The Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb, will be issued after consultation with a Tibb doctor.

Course Reference Books

The Tibb Healthy Living Programme is based on the Institute’s books which are available for free download:

4 Temperaments 6 Lifestyle Factors
Healing with Tibb
Cooking for your Body Type
Theoretical Principles in Tibb

Additional research articles and/or reference materials will be listed in the respective modules.

The above is included in the Library link.


This course is not intended to treat, diagnose, or provide specific medical advice. It should not be relied on as a substitute for medical consultation, but rather provides individuals with an understanding of Tibb Lifestyle Factors in Health Promotion and Illness Management.